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Trial Attorney in Houston, TX, Advocating for You

Trial Attorney in Houston, TX - Advocating for You

At KVM Law Firm, PLLC, we apply four key principles to the service we render to each client. As a trial attorney in Houston, TX, Kenneth V. Mitchell, provides a thorough and vigorous legal defense that always includes these principles for achieving the best possible outcome. Your call to KVM Law Firm, PLLC is the first step in preparing the strongest possible defense strategy.


The foundation of trial advocacy is knowledge. Knowledge comes from school and life. By practicing, we all gain experience. Law students are given the foundation, but it is when they begin to practice, that they start acquiring knowledge.


Knowledge alone is not enough for effective advocacy. To provide effective service, a trial lawyer must research and prepare each case. An advocate must create a winning strategy. You often hear an attorney's favorite answer, "it depends." That is because the smallest fact can change the whole outcome.

Our team at KVM Law Firm, PLLC performs investigation and discovery with our clients to try and uncover every detail of what happened. We try to identify any mistake that was made by scrutinizing every aspect. We work with our clients to create an effective action plan, working toward the best outcome.


Once the case is prepared, it is time for the trial advocate to turn the situation into an easy-to-digest story for the audience or courtroom jury. The facts must be presented in a way that everyone will be able to relate to and understand. There must be a connection with jurors in a common language. A good story must be more than a statement of facts. The story must capture the attention of listeners and retain their attention. The teller must believe in the story. A good story works with any audience.


No longer must we rely solely on blackboards or specially crafted visual aids. Today’s enhanced technology is an influential medium with which a trial attorney can get the story across to the court’s audience. As the world evolves toward a more paperless environment, we use audiovisual presentations that work to our advantage in stating your case in a fair and professional manner.